Cause and effect

29 June 2019 – H. 18.00
01 July – 30 September 2018


Artericambi Gallery is proud to present, for the first time in Italy, the solo exhibition of the British artist Amanda Beech. Her work traverses the aesthetic and philosophical paradigms of institutional, individualistic, metaphysical, rational and mythological authorities to propose a new realist politics of the artwork itself that can surpass the tragic consciousness and the ideal skepticism that has mutually championed and debilitated the value of art in Modern and contemporary culture. The multichannel video installation Covenant Transport, Move or Die (2015) mixes the languages of social-scientific inquiry with pop and game show aesthetics to conjure a vertiginous landscape that is at once mobile and heavy, quick and brutal. Five characters  form a workerist crew comprising manager, worker, programmer, consumer, and dealer who program and mobilize the unrelenting movements of economies, states, culture and people. The viewer is forced to face the speed of the of the process of production and its paradoxical purposelessness beyond its own reproduction and overwhelming diffraction. Alongside this Beech will exhibit a series of two-dimensional works featuring paintings, stencils and “holes” entitled Cause and Effect (2017). These worksfocus on maxims and mantras that have been associated with the correlation between thinking, acting and its social consequences. The belief systems shown in the work remain central in defining the value of art and politics today. By negating the equality of the correlate terms, the works question the validity of these beliefs but also explore how we rely upon such correlations to make meaning in the world. The works play this out in a game-like aesthetic, literally and formally by proposing that each work in a series is a correlate to another; each causingthe other in a sort mechanical chain of events. Here the works recall the deeoer myths of art; that of the autonomous self-causation of modern art, the tautology of ideology and the tautology of artistic self-expression. The simultaneous constructing and dismantling of these systems demonstrates the problems of the reproductive imperatives in art, that have actually prevented action and thought to be oriented toward a truly transformative end.

BothCause and Effectand Covenant Transport, Move or Dieaddress the urgent need to think beyond these manifest mechanisms, towards the production of meaning that take place in the world without cause.

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