Fabio Sandri | Interno ulteriore | 16.01.2016 – h. 17.30

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OPENING: Saturday, 16 January 2016 – h. 17.30


Interno ulteriore

curated by Luca Panaro

Interno ulteriore, Last Interior, is the title of the solo show by Fabio Sandri that Artericambi is presenting in its new rooms in 6/A Via Leida, Verona, from Saturday 16 January. It is curated by Luca Panaro.

In the exhibition are the latest examples of his art, works which have been subject to procedures that push against the traditional boundaries of photography and sculpture. Photography is used in its essence as a mark on a photosensitive support in direct contact with the material quality of places or as a continuously developing image that records even the presence of those who occupy the surrounding space. Both photography and video-screenings of images and, more recently, digital inversion too, are utilised principally as a material element that can reveal the form of a sculpture in continuous evolution. The artist has redefined the photographic impression as a “historical precipitate”, a strongly symbolic material precisely as a result of its being essentially and indissolubly linked to both the presence and the memory of material, a material that is discovered at the very moment it precipitates and collapses. A meditation about the very identity of the work and the inevitable distance inherent in each current action. As Luca Panaro writes, “Usually photography is employed to fix what the eye sees; in Sandri’s case, however, it is predisposed to ‘discover’ something that only photographic paper can record”. The show presents some new installations (Distanza, Cassaforma, and Filtro) consisting of video-screenings on photosensitive materials; marks on unfixed analogical paper; digital photographic inversions; and a large group of shutters for buildings.

On the occasion of this show there will be a presentation of the first retrospective monograph on the artist’s work: Fabio Sandri. Precipitati di realtà, edited by Luca Panaro, Danilo Montanari Editore, Ravenna 2016.

Fabio Sandri was born in 1964 in the province of Vicenza , where he lives and works. He has exhibited his works in various galleries and institutions in Italy and Europe, among which Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia; Galerja Scuc (Ljubljana, Slovakia); Kettle’s Yard (Cambridge, UK); Artforum (Berlin, Germany); Kurpfalzischmuseum (Heildelberg, Germany); Museo d’ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (San Marino); Extra City Kunsthal (Antwerp, Belgium).

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