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The paintings by Italian artist Fabrizio Gazzarri reach New York City on Sept. 26

for his US solo show after the recent artistic milestones in Verona (Italy)


for Art In Lobbies: curated by SARAHCROWN


A Soul’s Algorithm (2018) - 114,5x88,5 cm. pitt. acr. su tela


The Yard: Columbus Circle

33 W 60th Street, New York NY

Opening: September 26, 2019, 18:00 – 20:00

From/to: Sept 26, 2019 – Jan 12, 2020

Open to the public: Mon – Fri, 9:30 –17:30

and booking 


On September 26, 2019, SARAHCROWN is pleased to open the solo show of Fabrizio Gazzarri, conceived for the public space at The Yard: Columbus Circle as part of the Art In Lobbies Program. Extending through an entire floor, the exhibition will feature a selection of recent paintings by the Italian artist, and will run until January 12, 2020. The exhibitions are made possible thanks to the valuable collaboration with Artericambi Gallery (Verona, IT). This US solo show comes after the impressive environmental installation Rosario delle Assenze inside the former Austro-Hungarian barracks of Santa Marta (Verona, IT), which was at the center of the opening for last year’s art fair at ArtVerona in Northern Italy.

Fabrizio Gazzarri’s exhibition includes his most recent, large-scale paintings titled As a Consequence of Redness. Gazzarri’s work often reflects upon inner worlds, the colors, and their vibrations. Large and often monochrome brushstrokes inhabit the canvases, worming their way in whimsical directions like traces of a liberated and necessary emotional condition. His paintings seek anyway an expressive mode that may confront the character of our times, which is driving towards the immaterial and dangerous seduction of the imaginary. From this perspective, Gazzarri’s paintings move fluidly among various questions without incurring in definitive solutions, rather producing an energy that doesn’t shy away from figures, spaces and nature that evoke the infinite promiscuity of the digital imagery.

The color red is a constant presence in his works; it’s a medium that embodies an entry into a space of fundamental excitement. For Gazzarri it is a space between feverishness and fear, an unstable balance in the risky gap beyond thought. To this color he affiliates the idea of redness or flushing, which is the to say a free and limitless condition that connect humans to the experience of art.

The artist painted the series presented in New York City over a period of nine months: a true gestation, during which his inner energy was initially loose and raging all over the canvas. Sinuous and fine like the single bristles of a brush, the artist’s inner feelings spilled over canvas’ surface like in a monochrome meditation. Month after month Gazzari’s picture plane started to clot around some embryonic form, the whirls and twists appeared to draw towards a reification of some kind, as if the sentimental charge of the artist was finally giving shape to some emotional properties. At the end of this inner and outer journey the energy level culminated by giving almost birth to full characters or even portraits, in which the multiplicity of colors and whirls is tangled up into an inextricable pile of interrelations – with neither precise time nor place.


For more information, please contact:

info@artericambi.com/ info@sarahcrown.com/ +1 347.393.4911 / www.sarahcrown.com

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