Giovanni Morbin, Hybridization 1 – Bodybuilding, 2004
Performance lasting 8 hours


Giovanni Morbin was born in Valdagno (VI) on 9 August 1956. He lives and works in Cornedo Vicentino. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice after following a painting course in Emilio Vedova’s workshop. Teacher of Pictorial Disciplines at the Liceo Artistico “U. Boccioni ”of Valdagno (VI). Since 1978 his research has been linked to behaviors and performance is the ideal means to express his ideas.

Parallel to behavioral work, he is interested in the construction of objects functional to daily action and gives them the value of tools (Breathtaking instrument, Social sculpture, DNA, The greeting corner, Prêt-a-porter, Planter, etc. ). In 1993 at Ottoman presented Forms of behavior. He is co-author and signatory of the poetic declaration ETHICAL EXPRESSIVE UNIVERSAL (EEU), published in the “Corriere della Sera” on May 8, 1994 and in the same year he invented the breathless instrument, a tool for communicating to oneself. In November 1995 he founded SUPERFICIE TOTALE, the container of his actions.

From that moment on, his performances are called Hybridizations. These are hybrid actions characterized from time to time by animal, vegetable, mineral, artificial company. Since 2002 he has been active as a portraitist and in interior design as part of the I’m no longer in the skin project. These are commissioned portraits made with the client’s own blood. Over the last few years Giovanni Morbin has conducted research on the nature of form and image concretized by the atomization of common objects as an ideal artistic reorganization of the world.



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