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NEW EXHIBITION: 27.06.2015 – h. 18.30

NEW SPACE: Via Leida 6/A, 37135, Verona, IT

HELEN DOWLING – Original Remix

After one year of experimentation in the heart of the city fabric, Artericambi is back to practice monumental areas, confirming its spirit of renewal in the continuity. And to inaugurate the new exhibition space in the Zai area, a place immersed between industrial residuals and urban effervescence, Artericambi brings back to Verona one of the most promising video-artists in the international scene: Helen Dowling.

Original Remix brings together an eclectic body of work that represents the artists research into abstraction and the human capacity to be moved by images.

This exhibition presents a video installation “The Burning Time Slideshow” amongst a series of light sculptures made from neon flex. Produced by filling flexible plastic tubes with highly-luminous LED lights, neon flex is the purported replacement of the traditional Glass Neon. As creatures that draw attention, these abstract yet familiar forms act as entities that have manifested in the space.

The video “The Burning Time Slideshow” remixes footage filmed by the artist on a research trip to an island off Africa, found footage of unknown tourists exploring their surroundings through the lens of a camera and underwater clips filmed by the artists niece on the popular GoPro.

The sound, sourced separately and after the fact, comes from recordings of live music performances and environmental sounds that often become grammatical in their punctuation of the editing. Beautiful images are heightened and pulled further away from their initial appearance using colouring techniques such as inverting.

Other footage, typically gleaned whilst existing in a foreign country and extremely common to most people’s hard drives, is also changed in some way, whether through layering, sharp editing cuts or effects. Immersive and nearly banal, the video effects a sense of pathos towards the acquisition and reliving of casualness within contemporary amateur footage.

Elements of the video are reminiscent of old cinema – from bubble clouds that snag in the frame, particles and plankton in the water which remind of film grain, to abstracted lights shot from a moving car that resemble early animation. Common footage, common memories and common nostalgia all emphasize the importance of empathy in Dowling’s work.


Helen Dowling (b. 1982, UK) works through a multi-disciplinary practice which engages with the capacity to transfer empathy and emotion within the medium of video. Rather than working with narratives, her videos, photographs and objects juxtapose basic elements such as rhythm, colour and sound to draw the viewer through a sequence of sensations that relate and build upon each other.

She received her BA at Goldsmiths College, London and her MA at Slade School of Fine Art, London and attended the 2 year residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Flesh of the World’, University of Toronto, ‘VISIO’, Villa Romana, ‘Euritmie’, The Castelvecchio Museum, Verona, ‘Open Studios’ Viafarini Artists in Residence, Milan, ‘Disabled by Normality’, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague and ‘l’evento immobile’, Casa Masaccio, Tuscany.

Future exhibitions in 2015 include solo presentations at Kazachenko’s Appartment, Oslo and M4, Amsterdam.

Her current research project, investigating the possibilities of rhythmic entrainment in the context of moving image, has been awarded funding by the Mondriaan Foundation. Over the summer she will be artist in residence at the M4gastatelier, Amsterdam.

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