Shilpa Gupta & Iman Issa | Look around | 01.03.2008 – h. 18.00

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Opening: 01.03.2008 – h. 18.00

From 04.03.2008 to 16.05.2008

In “Look round” Artericambi gallery is introducing a sample of Shilpa Gupta’s (Mumbay 1976) and Iman Issa’s (Cairo 1979) various and multiform artistic researches. it’s a wider view that offers new impetus and widen the experiences of contemporary art, nowadays moving beyond geographic borders. This interest witnesses and allows for emergent contexts to create new relationships and collaboration which might eventually develop into a new and mutual enrichment of perspectives in time. 

Shilpa Gupta                                                                                                                Untitled I, Shilpa Gupta, 2006

Shilpa Gupta, using installations, videos and photos, tries to point out at the limits of advanced capitalism where technology functions as control and boundary instead of being an outlet for free exchange of ideas. The pictures of the exhibition stress the impossibility to look because they undergo a fundamental ambiguity : sometimes it’s us who look away from an often painful and unfair reality, some other times it’s the truth that is hidden to us notwithstanding a rampant information system in actual time.

Iman Issa                                                                                                                                                   Making places, Iman Issa, 2007      

On the other hand Iman Issa focuses on the reality of great cities and has carried out several site specific installations in public spaces and her videos and photos highlight alternative possibilities to look at and live the city. This is emphasized in the series “making places “: the snapshots catch unexpected particulars of city life like a game where the reproduction of the effect implies a new way of looking and an unusual way to interact with space.

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