Morphology of the gazes

in collaboration with the neuroscientist

Mariano Sardón, Wall of Gazes / Sequence 1, 2011 – Video 4K/HD, variable dimensions


OPENING:  Saturday, 3 March 2018 – H 6.00 pm

03 March 2017 – 03 May 2018


The Artericambi gallery is pleased to present Morphology of the Gazes, the first solo show in Italy by the Argentine artist Mariano Sardón.

The exhibition focuses on the theme of visual perception, addressing some of the essential questions of the eye-mind relationship and the unconscious processes involved in gaze: How do we perceive reality through our eyes? And how does our mind create the image of the world based on what it sees?

Questions that find expression in a series of works that Sardón begins to realize thanks to the collaboration that, since 2010, he has had with the neuroscientist Mariano Sigman: Five videos in which the immaterial movement of the human gaze is captured and concretized in different images, a series of maps-views in Drawings by the Eye and portraits of people in The Wall of Gazes.

The artist’s research leads us to see how our gaze observes what surrounds us according to unconscious selective criteria. The wall of gazes, where in some elements rather than others, a greater concentration of gazes is recorded, thus indicating a common propensity for observation.

Mariano Sardón, The Wall of Gazes / Sequenza 1-2-3 (stills video), 2011 – Video 4K/HD, dimensioni variabili

Mariano Sardón, The Wall of Gazes / Sequences 1-2-3 (stills video), 2011 – Video 4K/Full HD, variable dimensions


If in the series of portraits of people we easily detect the common points of the glances captured, in the topographical-architectural sequences of Drawings by the Eye what stands out is the diversification and uniqueness of observing. A heterogeneity that is also a way to insinuate a reflection on the truthfulness of sight, a sense on which we rely most, in the moment of building truth and perception. What Mariano Sardón inserts into his works are not images of what is seen, but are more precisely images of the beholder.

Mariano Sardón, Drawings by the eyes, 2017 - Video 4K/Full HD, dimensioni variabili

Mariano Sardón, Drawings by the eyes (stills video), 2017 – Video 4K/Full HD, variable dimensions


In Morphology of the Gazes a series of digital prints, sculptures and a video projection will also be presented that summarize the variety of approach of Mariano Sardón’s research on vision.

Mariano Sardón, Installation view "Morphology of the Gazes", 2018

Mariano Sardón, Installation view “Morphology of the Gazes”, 2018



He was born in BahiIa Blanca city, Argentina. He’s professor and chair of the Electronic Art Degree at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Buenos Aires.He’s is chair of the Art – Science Museum of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Buenos Aires.He was academic advisor from 2004 to 201 3 of the Interactive Art Program at Espacio FundacioIn TelefoInica Argentina. He was consultant for the Fondation Daniel Langlois Art-Science and Technology Program, Montreal, Canada.He studied Physics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.He was visiting scholar at Hypermedia Studio, Theater, Film and TV Department University of California Los Angeles. He made several solo and collective exhibitions such as:“Images of Journeys. The New Pushkin Museum” in “Viva Arte Viva”. 57th Venice Biennial 201 7. “Intuitions” Exhibition. Palazzo Fortuny. 201 7. “House of Impressions. Classic and Contemporary Media Art”, Pushkin Museum Moscow. 201 6. Tijuana Project – Vermelho Gallery Sao Paulo – Ruth Benzacar Gallery Buenos Aires. 201 5 and 201 6. AIPAD Photography Show 201 4 . “Pulse Miami Beach” Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery 201 3 and 201 4. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery 2007 and 201 3, New York. Ruth Benzacar Gallery 2004, 201 2, 201 6, Buenos Aires. “Total Recall” Ars Electronica Festival 201 3. Proa Foundation, Buenos Aires, 201 4 and 1 999. 1 1 th La Havana Biennial 201 2, Cuba. Akademie der KuJste BerliIn, 201 0. Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires . TelefoInica Foundation Chile, Buenos Aires and Madrid. Ars Electronica – Mexico City Festival 201 0. Art Basel Miami Beach. Banco do Brazil Cultural Center Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, among others.


Mariano Sardón, Morfologia di sguardi Collage 1, 2018

(LEFT) Mariano Sardón in collab. with Mariano Sigman, Developed by gazes. San Pietro #1, 2017 – Impression C, 82 x 50 inch / (RIGHT) Mariano Sardón in collab. con Mariano Sigman, Developed by gazes. Pisa (white), 2017 – Impression C, 39 x 39 inch

Mariano Sardón, Morfologia di sguardi Collage 2, 2018

(ABOVE) Mariano Sardón in collab. with Mariano Sigman, Read Unread Isaac Newton, 2016 – Book, 11 x 9 x 1,5 inch / (UNDER) Mariano Sardón in collab. with Mariano Sigman, Read Unread Lord Anch, 2016 – Book, 11 x 9 x 1,5 inch

Mariano Sardón, Morfologia di sguardi Collage 3, 2018

Mariano Sardón in collab. with Mariano Sigman, All I Have Of Your Memory is a Map 1 and 2, 2017 – Map cut by laser

Mariano Sardón, Morfologia di sguardi Collage 4, 2018

Mariano Sardón in collab. with Mariano Sigman, Burning by Gazes, 2016 – Paper cut by laser, variable dimensions

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