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OPENING 17 Dicembre 2016 – h. 17.00

7816 is the first retrospective show by Roberto Bigano, a famous photographer by profession, in which Artericambi presents him as a professional photographer: in other words, someone who does not profess his faith in either reality or its representation, in art or in craftsmanship. He is, rather, someone who, like a magician, professes a faith in that technique of transfiguration, interpretation, and manipulation that is the insensible condition of the sensible quality of every experience (such as the experience of reality or that of art).

7816 is an itinerary that begins with his most famous image – the Bugatti Atalante car which he immortalised on the occasion of the centenary of the mythical automobile maker – and that passes through various series, such as the Armature, ghosts that emerge from darkness, invented for illustrating Italo Calvino’s The Nonexistent Knight, or as the Architetture works that lose us in the incessant cross-referencing of their details.

7816 is a line stretched between the present of this exhibition and the past of the photographic shot; it is a temporal tunnel that allows the first Plastic Girl to gaze saucily at us from distant 1978. But it is also a labyrinth of mirrors where the sinuous, almost palpitating forms of life belong to mannequins, cars, sculptures and paintings, forms that fascinate, caress, and hypnotise the eye thanks to a mechanical, chemical, and electronic enchantment. But then, even Bigano’s errors, like those of all magicians, are marvellous: chance seems to submit to his conditions in the Wonderful Mistakes photos.

7816 opens on Saturday 17 December at 5 p.m. in the rooms of the Artericambi gallery and it will be open to the public until 4 February 2017.

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