of Mercato Nero, third number of fuoriregistro: notebook of pedagogy and contemporary art


19 June 2023 – H 6.45 pm. 


Casa degli Artisti, Milano

They will intervene: 
Paola Gaggiotti, artist, editorial
Donata Lazzarini, artist and professor, editorial
Chiara Pergola, artist and professor, editorial in dialogue with Gabi Scardi, curator,
Loredana Longo and Concetta Modica, artists

On the occasion of the release of the third issue of Fuoriregistro: notebook of pedagogy and contemporary art, we will talk about the Black Market and other stories. Or how to survive the contradictions of the art world.

This off-register issue highlights the areas of economic exploitation and the forms of power that often govern relationships within the artistic circuit. Through conversations, reflections, testimonies, puzzles, images, Black Market opposes with irony and with the exercise of thought, the cultural conformity that conditions artistic research and hinders the development of a pedagogy of desire. We believe that art can play an important role against the precariousness of intellectual work and against economic profit as the only future horizon. If society appropriated the signs of art and perceived their essential value for its own life, instead of considering them the expression of an elite, perhaps art would no longer be a language based on dynamics of exclusion, but would rediscover the way to reach people’s hearts and minds.

In this edition they participated:

Giulio Alvigini, Maria Pia Bevilacqua, Matteo Binci, Isabella Bordoni, Marcella Campagnano, Daniela Comani, Sara Maria D’Onofrio, Filippo Falaguasta, Marcello Faletra, Aida Faso, Stefania Galegati, Paola Gaggiotti, Donata Lazzarini, Angelo Leonardo, Loredana Longo, Manastabal, Francesca Marconi, Concetta Modica, Cristina Muccioli, Giancarlo Norese, Marco Passaro, Chiara Pergola, Ivana Spinelli, Maria Rosa Sossai, Ladan Tofighi.