E subito riprende il viaggio. Opere dalle collezioni del MA*GA dopo l’incendio

Giovanni Morbin, When the impossible happens, 2011

11 May 2013. 

Until 25 August 2013.


Triennale di Milano – (ITALY).

Attacco Bottone con tutti, Hybridization 6 by Giovanni Morbin among the works on display at the Milan Triennale – from 11 May to 25 August 2013.

The MA * GA Museum on February 14, 2013 was hit by a fire that seriously injured the museum building and caused its temporary closure. The reclamation of the exhibition spaces, the restoration of the systems and the entire structure make the Museum and the viewing of its collection inaccessible to the public. All the works in the collection were saved from the fire and moved to temporary deposits. Now, thanks to the sensitivity and help of other cultural institutions that immediately supported the MA * GA’s intention not to stop its activities, the collection’s assets are transferred to prestigious exhibition venues. “And immediately the journey resumes …” Works from the MA * GA collections after the fire is a single project declined in two different exhibitions hosted at the Milan Triennale and subsequently at Villa Reale in Monza.

The exhibition hosted by the Milan Triennale includes over one hundred of the most significant works from the 1950s to the present day from the MA * GA collections, including the work by Giovanni Morbin “Button attack with everyone – Hybridization 6”.

The chronological and thematic path of the exhibition unfolds through various sections aimed at highlighting the main transformations and experiments of artistic languages in the history of Italian art. The heart of the exhibition illustrates the birth certificate of the Museum through the historic National Prize for Visual Art of the City of Gallarate and opens the exhibition path by documenting the debate between abstraction and figuration in Italian art of the fifties. Here are collected the works of Carlo Carrà, Gino Severini, Renato Birolli, Giuseppe Migneco, Emilio Vedova, Mario Sironi, Atanasio Soldati. Then there are the upper sections which, while accounting for the development of artistic languages in the second half of the twentieth century, tell of the historical exhibitions held by the Museum; thus the rooms dedicated to the MAC (Concrete Art Movement) unfold, to reflection on the theme of space, to the conceptual period and to visual poetry, to the reflection on abstract and “non-objective” painting, up to contemporaneity, highlighting, through this nucleus of recently acquired works, the active role in the contemporary artistic production of the MA * GA Museum.

“Hang up a button”, hold back someone, … more than one, to stop with me. An informal action with a dialectical glue. A path to do … I move, I walk calmly and at a normal pace. The jacket that I wear and that attaches a button, a skin on top of the skin that becomes the inside … the heart of a larger body. Spontaneously and one at a time by talking to me, people attack each other, they attach themselves to me. Disjointed postures and asymmetrical gaits make the step heavy and the road tighter than it is.

Then, one body at a time detaches itself from everything and silent as the action is born it goes out.